Posts tagged with "crypto exchange"

01. July 2019
What are Decentralized Exchanges and are they regulated as their centralized counterparts?

03. June 2019
Can Initial Exchange Offerings be "the next big thing" and can they be a valid funding method alternative for every emitter? What are the key differences to STOs und ICOs?

13. May 2019
What regulatory possibilities exist for operating a crypto exchange as investment broker and how must such platform be designed?

29. April 2019
Which regulatory frameworks apply when a crypto exchange trades with its' customers from its' own stockpile? A regulatory overview for the Crypto Exchange Bureau.

15. April 2019
The second part of FIN LAW's blog series "Buliding a Crypto Exchange puts the spotlight on multilateral crypto trading facilities and their regulatory designs.

01. April 2019
How can crypto exchanges legally be designed from a regulatory point of view in Germany? And which design is the best fit for a company's business model?