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16. September 2019
What is the regulatory framework for crypto payment service providers? What are the different versions that exist and do operators of crypto payment service providers need a BaFin authorization?

19. August 2019
BaFin generally qualifies security tokens as securities sui generis. Does that exclude the possibility of designing security tokens as asset investments under the German Asset Investments Act and if not, what are the advantages of crypto based asset investments for the issuer and distributers?

11. June 2019
Under which conditions do startups have the possibility to conduct Security Token Offerings on basis of a so called security information sheet instead of a full securities prospectus approved by BaFin and are there any special implications to face?

20. May 2019
BaFin will qualify security tokens as securities in the future already for the reason that their tradability on the capital markets is highly increased by their blockchain design. Does the authority go beyond it's competencies?

13. May 2019
What regulatory possibilities exist for operating a crypto exchange as investment broker and how must such platform be designed?

15. April 2019
The second part of FIN LAW's blog series "Buliding a Crypto Exchange puts the spotlight on multilateral crypto trading facilities and their regulatory designs.

01. April 2019
How can crypto exchanges legally be designed from a regulatory point of view in Germany? And which design is the best fit for a company's business model?

25. March 2019
Which activity has to be licensed by BaFin prior to the operation of a Bitcoin ATM in Germany and what are the requirements for obtaining such permission?

18. March 2019
Who may issue blockchain based e-money and what other services are included in an e-money license?

10. March 2019
What is the best legal design for a security token and what can be pitfalls? Security tokens must meet not only regulatory requirements but also be valid from a private law perspective.

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