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Tokenized Debenture Bonds and Deposit Business - What must STO Issuers Observe during the Planning Process?
24. May 2021
Issuers of security tokens take the risk of unintentionally operating deposit business when offering their tokens, which mandatorily requires a banking license. How can this risk be mitigated?

04. May 2020
It is of utmost importance for issuers of security tokens to know when they are legally allowed to start marketing their token sale. The European Prospectus Regulation and the German Security Prospectus Act allow marketing activities prior to the approval of the prospectus as long as certain obligations for the protection of investors are observed.

27. January 2020
Medium sized businesses and startups may also be interested to procure funds via an STO. But the costs for security prospectuses are often way too high for issuances with a rather small volume. Security token offerings of up to 8 million euros in total volume can also be based on a three-page security information sheet. That way, the high costs for drawing up a full prospectus can be massively reduced.

09. September 2019
Many STO issuers would like that their security token gets listed at a crypto exchange after the token sale is over. What are possible legal consequences of a security token listing and are there consequential obligations for the emitters?

24. June 2019
It can be read in many publications that the German Debenture Bond Act would not be applicable to bonds based on security tokens instead of paper documents. But is this really the case and why is this qustion of importance to security token issuers?

11. June 2019
Under which conditions do startups have the possibility to conduct Security Token Offerings on basis of a so called security information sheet instead of a full securities prospectus approved by BaFin and are there any special implications to face?

03. June 2019
Can Initial Exchange Offerings be "the next big thing" and can they be a valid funding method alternative for every emitter? What are the key differences to STOs und ICOs?

20. May 2019
BaFin will qualify security tokens as securities in the future already for the reason that their tradability on the capital markets is highly increased by their blockchain design. Does the authority go beyond it's competencies?

21. April 2019
What options exist for startups to conduct an STO without creating a prospectus? And can this really be a valid alternative to venture capital investors?

08. April 2019
How can security tokens validly be transferred and how can the emitter make sure that the token and the investor rights can never be separated?