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Systematic Internalization with Crypto Assets – Is that Regulated in Germany?
18. January 2021
Systematic internalization affects Sellers of financial instruments which act outside of marketplaces and represents one of the four variants of proprietary trading that is subject to authorization. But can systematic internalization be applicable to trades of crypto assets as well?

12. October 2020
Crypto assets are regulated as financial instruments since the beginning of this year. But in which cases BaFin’s administrative practice to qualify cryptocurrencies as units of account is still applicable and relevant?

23. March 2020
Business models in Germany with regards to cryptocurrencies have to be authorized by BaFin. But what is the correct legal basis for each business model?

15. April 2019
The second part of FIN LAW's blog series "Buliding a Crypto Exchange puts the spotlight on multilateral crypto trading facilities and their regulatory designs.