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Good-bye to Virtual Currencies – The New EU Anti-Money-Laundering Regulation will regulate Crypto Assets
23. August 2021
The draft version of the new Anti-Money-Laundering Regulation of the EU Commission does not refer to the definition of virtual currencies anymore that had just been introduced with the fifth Anti-Money-Laundering Directive and will instead regulate crypto assets.

Delegated Staking as Crypto Management – BaFin Assumes Authorization Requirement in Certain Constellations
21. June 2021
BaFin often qualifies the services of providers of delegated staking solutions as a crypto custody business in the form of crypto management which requires authorization. What are the options for providers to circumvent the obligation to obtain authorization?

12. October 2020
Crypto assets are regulated as financial instruments since the beginning of this year. But in which cases BaFin’s administrative practice to qualify cryptocurrencies as units of account is still applicable and relevant?

03. August 2020
The supervisory provisions offer little leeway for crypto custodians to distinguish their business model from competitors. Which ancillary activities next to the pure custody service are possible?

27. April 2020
The success of a capital markets issuing depends on sales. But which different types of brokerage are regulated in the German Banking Act and what are the differences?

20. January 2020
For more than two weeks now, crypto assets are regulated as financial instruments in Germany. But what kind of tokens are exactly covered by the definition?

21. October 2019
The intended introduction of crypto custody services leaves room to interpretation for the question if the storage of private keys for multisig wallets will require authorization or not. Are multisig fiduciaries going to be crypto custody service providers?

05. August 2019
The German federal government plans to design crypto custody services as exclusive financial services. In addition to the custody of crypto assets, the crypto custody service providers shall not be permitted to offer any other financial or banking service that would also require a BaFin authorization. Crypto custody service providers shall therefore be limited to their core business but shall also play a central role in the German crypto market.

29. July 2019
The German legislator plans to regulate crypto assets as financial instruments. But what would be the consequences of such regulation and would there be any important changes to the current regulation of crypto?

16. July 2019
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