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Between the Poles of Authorization Requirement and Geoblocking – What Can BaFin Demand from Service Providers from Other EU Countries?
08. March 2021
The obligation to obtain an authorization pursuant to German regulatory banking law requires that the service provider actively targets the German market. Can BaFin therefore demand from service providers from other EU member states to implement geoblocking measurements?

DeFi on the Rise – Final Destination for Financial Market Regulation?
08. February 2021
The current regulation of the financial markets is carried out by supervising professional market participants. Can this regulatory approach ensure the effectiveness of the financial market regulation in times when decentralized markets without operators are on the rise?

09. November 2020
BaFin informs supervised service providers via MaComp about the minimum requirements it places on the implementation of compliance obligations. But is MaComp also applicable to regulated crypto service providers?

19. October 2020
Service providers that only provide technical services within a crypto business model, may be able to provide their services without prior BaFin authorization in specific cases. Nevertheless, in some scenarios technical service providers may be subject to supervisory obligations anyways.

05. October 2020
The German legislator intends to introduce the new financial service of crypto security registry management to the German Banking Act. But which activities shall be covered, who will need an authorization and what will be the requirements will have to be fulfilled by applicants?

14. September 2020
It is public opinion in Germany that the operation of crypto ATMs is unwelcome by BaFin and therefore illegal. However, the opposite is true as long as the operator complies with the rules.

27. July 2020
Numerous established financial service providers consider the expansion of their business models to the crypto market or the usage of blockchain technology for internal procedures. But which of these changes and amendments must be coordinated with BaFin?

29. June 2020
Business models with regards to crypto assets often trigger authorization obligations in accordance with German supervisory law for the providers. But at what point are foreign providers obligated to obtain authorization?

22. June 2020
The provision of trading signals that are based on algorithmically analyzed trends offering buy or sell recommendations is typical for the crypto market. But what are the regulatory pitfalls that these signal providers have to consider?

25. May 2020
Crypto custody business does not only include the custody, but also the administration of crypto assets. What exactly are the requirements that BaFin places on this variation of the crypto custody business which is subject to authorization and can it be fulfilled by delegating DPoS-coins?

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