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Do dPoS Staking Providers Require Authorization in Germany?
19. April 2021
The offering of dPoS staking infrastructures is a rising business model within the blockchain community. Are providers in Germany subject to an authorization requirement pursuant to the German Banking Act?

Between the Poles of Authorization Requirement and Geoblocking – What Can BaFin Demand from Service Providers from Other EU Countries?
08. March 2021
The obligation to obtain an authorization pursuant to German regulatory banking law requires that the service provider actively targets the German market. Can BaFin therefore demand from service providers from other EU member states to implement geoblocking measurements?

DeFi on the Rise – Final Destination for Financial Market Regulation?
08. February 2021
The current regulation of the financial markets is carried out by supervising professional market participants. Can this regulatory approach ensure the effectiveness of the financial market regulation in times when decentralized markets without operators are on the rise?

29. June 2020
Business models with regards to crypto assets often trigger authorization obligations in accordance with German supervisory law for the providers. But at what point are foreign providers obligated to obtain authorization?