Investment Firms Act (WpIG) Passed the Bundestag – What Are the Implications for the Crypto Industry?
26. April 2021
The newly introduced Investment Firms Act (WpIG) is intended to simplify matters for financial service providers with regards to the supervision in the future. What effects does the new regulatory regime have for crypto-related business models?

Do dPoS Staking Providers Require Authorization in Germany?
19. April 2021
The offering of dPoS staking infrastructures is a rising business model within the blockchain community. Are providers in Germany subject to an authorization requirement pursuant to the German Banking Act?

Token Sale as Public Offering or Private Placement – What are the differences?
12. April 2021
Token sales may require the creation and publication of an approved prospectus, if the offered tokens represent regulated investment products. However, this is only applicable to public offerings.

Trading Volume Through Decentralized Liquidity Pools – Can DeFi Provide a Secondary Market for Security Tokens?
29. March 2021
Security tokens are correctly believed to have a huge, disruptive potential. In order for them to fully take off and generate a broad acceptance, they still require a functioning secondary market. Can this problem be solved by decentralized liquidity pools?

Regulation of Non-Fungible Tokens – Are NFT Financial Instruments in Germany?
15. March 2021
Last week, a piece of the artist Beeple has been auctioned off at Chritie´s for almost 70 Million USD as an NFT. Are NFT qualified as financial instruments in Germany as it is the case with most cryptocurrencies?

Between the Poles of Authorization Requirement and Geoblocking – What Can BaFin Demand from Service Providers from Other EU Countries?
08. March 2021
The obligation to obtain an authorization pursuant to German regulatory banking law requires that the service provider actively targets the German market. Can BaFin therefore demand from service providers from other EU member states to implement geoblocking measurements?

Are Merchants Allowed to Accept Bitcoin as a Means of Payment?
01. March 2021
Bitcoin was originally created as an alternative means of payment for the internet. But what must be legally considered by merchants intending to accept Bitcoin as a means of payment?

Tokenization of Assets – How does that Legally Work?
15. February 2021
Tokenization of objects is currently a bussword-topic. However, a proper and secure legal connection of token and object is not that easy.

DeFi on the Rise – Final Destination for Financial Market Regulation?
08. February 2021
The current regulation of the financial markets is carried out by supervising professional market participants. Can this regulatory approach ensure the effectiveness of the financial market regulation in times when decentralized markets without operators are on the rise?

Gamestop-Gate and Dogecoin-Rally – Is that Actually Market Manipulation?
01. February 2021
Last week, retail investors caused headaches to hedge funds by massively investing in Gamestop shares. The cryptocurrency Dogecoin also has had massive price increases after calls to invest had been posted on internet forums. But can such a call-to-invest in shares or cryptocurrencies directed at the masses be a market manipulation?

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