Tokenization of Assets – How does that Legally Work?
15. February 2021
Tokenization of objects is currently a bussword-topic. However, a proper and secure legal connection of token and object is not that easy.

DeFi on the Rise – Final Destination for Financial Market Regulation?
08. February 2021
The current regulation of the financial markets is carried out by supervising professional market participants. Can this regulatory approach ensure the effectiveness of the financial market regulation in times when decentralized markets without operators are on the rise?

Gamestop-Gate and Dogecoin-Rally – Is that Actually Market Manipulation?
01. February 2021
Last week, retail investors caused headaches to hedge funds by massively investing in Gamestop shares. The cryptocurrency Dogecoin also has had massive price increases after calls to invest had been posted on internet forums. But can such a call-to-invest in shares or cryptocurrencies directed at the masses be a market manipulation?

Definition of Crypto Custody Business – Changes After Only One Year?
25. January 2021
The Crypto custody business has been introduced as a regulated financial service in Germany a little over a year ago. But even prior to BaFin issuing the first explicit authorization to the first provider, the German legislator already plans to change the legal definition of the activity again.

Systematic Internalization with Crypto Assets – Is that Regulated in Germany?
18. January 2021
Systematic internalization affects Sellers of financial instruments which act outside of marketplaces and represents one of the four variants of proprietary trading that is subject to authorization. But can systematic internalization be applicable to trades of crypto assets as well?

Security Token Offerings up to 8 Million Euro – Which Changes Does the German Federal Government Plan?
11. January 2021
Security information sheets for the offering of digital securities are intended to comprise up to four and not only three pages in the future. Anyhow, the additional space will have to be filled with additional required information.

14. December 2020
Asset investments today are almost as strictly regulated as securities and therefore, this form of investment product gets chosen less and less. Can tokenization bring asset investments back into the game?

07. December 2020
The German Banking Act as well as the current version of the draft legislation for the MiCA regulation both use and define the term crypto asset. But is the term used congruently or are there relevant differences?

30. November 2020
Even if a token sale may in some cases not require a prospectus to be drafted and published from a supervisory point of view, because the tokens do not qualify as securities or asset investments, Whitepapers, marketing leaflets and handouts that are used for advertisement purposes may have liability consequences. What has to be observed and what are the possible liabilities?

23. November 2020
The commercial dealing with crypto assets can be conducted either as proprietary trading or as financial commission business. But which variant is preferable when it comes to crypto trading?

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