19. October 2020
Service providers that only provide technical services within a crypto business model, may be able to provide their services without prior BaFin authorization in specific cases. Nevertheless, in some scenarios technical service providers may be subject to supervisory obligations anyways.

12. October 2020
Crypto assets are regulated as financial instruments since the beginning of this year. But in which cases BaFin’s administrative practice to qualify cryptocurrencies as units of account is still applicable and relevant?

05. October 2020
The German legislator intends to introduce the new financial service of crypto security registry management to the German Banking Act. But which activities shall be covered, who will need an authorization and what will be the requirements will have to be fulfilled by applicants?

21. September 2020
The German legislator intends to also extend the crypto custody business with the introduction of crypto securities. What does crypto custody business consist of in the future, what will be permitted and what will be prohibited?

14. September 2020
It is public opinion in Germany that the operation of crypto ATMs is unwelcome by BaFin and therefore illegal. However, the opposite is true as long as the operator complies with the rules.

07. September 2020
The German regulation regarding the custody of financial instruments as a service is rather confusing. What are the different businesses that can be authorized and how do they relate to each other?

31. August 2020
While the custody of traditional securities always requires a depository bank, security tokens can be taken into custody by crypto custody service providers or they can even be held in custody by the investor himself. What are the advantages of digital custody?

24. August 2020
The new legislative draft for the introduction of electronic securities differentiates between electronic securities and crypto securities. What will be the differences between these two forms of digital securities?

10. August 2020
The highly anticipated legislative draft for the introduction of the electronic security is finally published. A summary of the draft’s most important proposals:

03. August 2020
The supervisory provisions offer little leeway for crypto custodians to distinguish their business model from competitors. Which ancillary activities next to the pure custody service are possible?

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