25. May 2020
Crypto custody business does not only include the custody, but also the administration of crypto assets. What exactly are the requirements that BaFin places on this variation of the crypto custody business which is subject to authorization and can it be fulfilled by delegating DPoS-coins?

18. May 2020
BaFin just published a new article on the AML obligations of crypto custodians last week. Does the article provide helpful information?

11. May 2020
Financial service providers are obliged to fulfill strict obligations according to MiFID II when dealing with customers. Does this also apply to financial services that are related to crypto assets?

04. May 2020
It is of utmost importance for issuers of security tokens to know when they are legally allowed to start marketing their token sale. The European Prospectus Regulation and the German Security Prospectus Act allow marketing activities prior to the approval of the prospectus as long as certain obligations for the protection of investors are observed.

27. April 2020
The success of a capital markets issuing depends on sales. But which different types of brokerage are regulated in the German Banking Act and what are the differences?

20. April 2020
China is the first nation that issued a digital version of its national currency. Will the Crypto Renminbi play a role in business transactions between Chinese and western companies and what is actually known about the crypto version of China’s Renminbi?

13. April 2020
Many businesses dread the role of the pioneer when it comes to the tokenization of investment products and rather stick to tokenized participation rights even though other financial instruments might be better suited for their individual projects. Is that really necessary?

06. April 2020
BaFin just published its “Guidelines on application for authorization for crypto custody business” shortly after the deadline for the so-called grandfathering option for crypto custodians expired. A summary:

30. March 2020
In face of the COVID-19 pandemic, the German legislator quickly created the legal foundation to hold the annual shareholder meetings of German stock companies and conduct the voting within these meetings in a digital fashion. Is this the accelerator for the digitalization of the German corporate law?

23. March 2020
Business models in Germany with regards to cryptocurrencies have to be authorized by BaFin. But what is the correct legal basis for each business model?

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