03. August 2020
The supervisory provisions offer little leeway for crypto custodians to distinguish their business model from competitors. Which ancillary activities next to the pure custody service are possible?

27. July 2020
Numerous established financial service providers consider the expansion of their business models to the crypto market or the usage of blockchain technology for internal procedures. But which of these changes and amendments must be coordinated with BaFin?

20. July 2020
The implementation of an acceptance feature in a security token ensures that the token and the associated investor rights can be transferred to the purchaser on the secondary market. How exactly does the acceptance feature work and why is it so important for over-the-counter trading of security tokens?

06. July 2020
In the context of the realization of blockchain business models a frequent question is whether the acquisition of a bank or a financial institute that holds a sufficient BaFin authorization might be a valid alternative to an own BaFin application. But what has to be considered from a regulatory point of view?

29. June 2020
Business models with regards to crypto assets often trigger authorization obligations in accordance with German supervisory law for the providers. But at what point are foreign providers obligated to obtain authorization?

22. June 2020
The provision of trading signals that are based on algorithmically analyzed trends offering buy or sell recommendations is typical for the crypto market. But what are the regulatory pitfalls that these signal providers have to consider?

15. June 2020
The Lightning Network promises to solve a fundamental problem of the Bitcoin blockchain. Not only the increase of transactions per second, but also the decrease in power consumption for updating the blockchain is supposed to be material. The financial privacy of the users is also supposed to be enhanced. But what does this mean for a commercial use of the Lightning Network?

08. June 2020
The Capital Markets Union removes obstacles within the European capital markets. STO issuers can freely chose the country in which they want their security prospectus to be approved. But which supervisory authority is the best choice and what are the criteria to be considered for the selection?

25. May 2020
Crypto custody business does not only include the custody, but also the administration of crypto assets. What exactly are the requirements that BaFin places on this variation of the crypto custody business which is subject to authorization and can it be fulfilled by delegating DPoS-coins?

18. May 2020
BaFin just published a new article on the AML obligations of crypto custodians last week. Does the article provide helpful information?

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