Legal Financial Advisory

Fintech law firm for bafin licensing, Security token offerings and blockchain projects

FIN LAW is a fintech law firm that specializes in banking and capital markets law. The main focus of the law firm lies on the implementation of business models on basis of or with reference to innovative technologies such as the Blockchain technology or crypto assets. FIN LAW offeres the legal planning of fintech business models, the preparation of BaFin licensing applications as well as legal representation in BaFin licensing proceedings. Furthermore, FIN LAW offers legal advice for companies that are interested in capital market funding through corporate bonds or the public offering of other asset investments. The advisory services include classical capital market issues as well as innovative funding options such as Security Token Offerings (STO) and the tokenisation of assets.

Application for BaFin License

FIN LAW's advisory offer regarding BaFin applications comprises an extensive legal assessment of the business model of the client for determination of his regulatory needs and required BaFin authorization as well as a comprehensive advisory on alternative designs of the planned business model for a regulatory optimisation. FIN LAW advises it's clients therefore both in the early stage of planning and preparing as well as in the licensing proceeding with BaFin.

Innovative funding with specialized security token offering lawyer

Especially for Fintech startups and innovative IT-companies from the financial sector looking for an alternative funding method to the traditional venture capital equity sell-off FIN LAW is the right law firm to contact. FIN LAW founder Lutz Auffenberg as specialised Security Token Offering lawyer advises his clients regarding the regulatory design of a Security Token Offering. In addition to the contractual drafting of the token terms FIN LAW advises and represents the client in regard to the complete regulatory drafting and coordination of the capital market project with BaFin as well as the drafting of required prospectuses and further legal documentation.

Specializing in banking and capital markets law

Moreover, FIN LAW offers legal counselling as well as judicial and extrajudicial representation in all other aspects of banking and capital market law. Next to that FIN LAW excels in the preparation of legal opinions for companies, liquidators, associations and authorities in all aspects of banking and capital market law.

Lutz Auffenberg, LL.M.

Attorney Lutz Auffenberg, LL.M. is the founder of FIN LAW and bar-certified specialist for banking and capital market law. He is working in the special field of the regulation of cryptocurrencies, Blockchain technology and the implementation of DLT-projects already since 2012. The majority of his clients are banks, financial service providers and Fintech startups that base their business models on the use of crypto currencies or that want to increase the efficiency of business processes through the implementation of Blockchain or other distributed ledger-technology solutions.  


Lectures and Events

Atty. Lutz Auffenberg, LL.M. will give and be part of  the following lectures and events:

  • Kryptowerte & Geldwäsche, Forum Institut, Steigenberger Metropolitan, Frankfurt am Main, 14.09.2021
  • Legal Issues of Blockchain, Tokens and Smart Contracts, Frankfurt School of Finance, Frankfurt am Main, 30.10.2021

FIN LAW Network

FIN LAW has a broad national and international network of specialized legal advisors and tax advisors as well as advisors from the IT and financial industry that may be included in projects in case of the client’s request. FIN LAW is therefore also the right advisor for projects with references to legal fields that FIN LAW does not cover itself and to international cases with references to foreign law.